Well, I’ve been adding things to the lib left and right today, check out The working version (wifi_lib_test_.nds) [and of course the wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba version for whoever needs it]

Presently additions as of the time of this post include DHCP support (yay!) and the ability to connect from the WFC information in the firmware. I’m not done yet; just taking a break for the present time, so more will be done soon (see [this page on the wiki] for an up-to-date breakdown of what I’m working on.)

I might also add that some of the inner workings of the lib have been *greatly* improved since the last time I’ve talked about it, so overall the lib should be faster and easier to use :)

Ok, time to get back to work…

[Update, some 3 hours later: Eh, I'm not going to be completely done tonight; spent some time mucking around with DHCP on a crazy AP. Tomorrow though - it's close enough]