Okay, finally I’m getting around to posting some pictures and stuff here.
Coming back from E3 was just tiring, and since then I’ve been busy, but here’s what I’ve got.

On wednesday (as reported earlier) I stood in the line to see the Wii – that was the highlight of the show; the line itself was pretty interesting (they had talking posters, namely large tvs with a videoconferencing system so it looks like it’s a talking poster or something) – the line was very long, about 2.5 hours or so before I managed to get in, but it was a lot worse on other days (up to 5+ hour wait on friday, according to nintendo’s E3 media.
I of course watched almost all of the games, and most of them look really interesting – the games I played were the warioware game, excitetruck (which is a heck of a lot of fun), and a stupid dragonballz game (just to see how they did the only apparent fighting game there – unfortunately it was not very good.)
I have a number of videos taken from my camera (640×480, 15fps with no sound) that I will try to convert and upload in the near future, just for the heck of it :)

Besides the Wii, there were a few other things that caught my attention…. Here they are listed in no particular order:

Gametap was doing a live space-ghost interview, which was pretty neat (additionally, I’ve also seen a particularly funny interview with peter more – but you have to ignore the crazy laughing in the background :P)

nVidia had seating, which we used frequently and watched some of their presentations (such as microsoft flight simulator X, and many others) – the two things I saw there that really stuck out at me though were the Robo-blitz demonstration (looks like a ton of fun) and Timeshift (which looks interesting due to somewhat unique gameplay)

I also saw geometry wars for x360 for the first time (heh heh) – color me uninformed ;)
Well, I still very much want to get an xbox 360, this just strengthens that desire.

Besides all that I visited most/all of the other booths and wasn’t incredibly impressed… I even played lumines 2 and didn’t like it very much :P

I’ll post some pictures now, and will work on converting my videos sometime…. maybe this weekend? dunno.

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