Sorry guys, but I didn’t get around to writing the improvements I alluded to and completing a new lib last weekend – I realize we’re now near the end of the wifi game coding compo, and I don’t really have time still to get out a new version in time. Rather than stress everyone and release a new lib at the last minute, I’ve decided to attempt the release again this weekend (saturday) and in the meantime I encourage anyone entering in the ndshb wifi game compo to get the latest version from CVS and compile it (latest version as of well, last week) for use in your entry rather than using the last actual library release. If for whatever reason you can’t compile the lib, I may be able to help you out and provide an actual compiled lib of the latest CVS source.
Anyway, I’m just far too bogged down with work at the moment, but I’m looking forward with great interest to the results of the upcoming competition – again, good luck all :)