Hey all,
I’ve had lots of fun (read: not fun) things to deal with lately, nothing really interesting just a series of small things that have added up to eat up all my available time and then some.
So: DSWifi release 0.3b has been delayed, but I am meaning to get it out soon – I’ve decided to drop the extra features I was planning for it (As they’ll be addressed in the oncoming rewrite) and merely add the bug fixes I’ve been planning, to get it out the door soon
Also, the rewrite I’ve alluded to will wait for a while, specificly until the Wii comes out or thereabouts; as I’d like the 802.11 and new TCP/IP system to work on that system as well (the sgIP rewrite may come sooner, as I am planning to play with the gamecube in the meantime, and I’d like to port sgIP to it. – if this happens I’ll release a version 0.4 with just the sgIP TCP/IP rewrite)
As far as stuff goes, I have my plate quite full of projects at the moment, so everything is moving very slowly – I’m trying to prioritize and only work on the top 2 or 3 projects, but it’s far more difficult than advertised! wish me luck! :)
(oh, and about the downloadable DS demos – I may or may not get around to adding the latest set, not sure if I really want to at this point. There are some other people who have the latest ones though, I’ll add the link on here / the wiki if I can figure out where)