Since I’m not really in the business of detailing my life’s complexities in my blog (which, well, is what everyone else seems to use them for), the title of this post really sums up all I’m really going to say; Ordinarily I think life being complicated and interesting is a good thing, but it has it’s down sides too, and I’ve run into that lately.

That being said, I strive to not let things like life’s trivial and big problems bother me, and I’m continuing to work on entirely too many projects. Some things are making progress, others not so much. I’m prioritising Opti, followed by the logic analyzer, and I’ll decide what to do next when those are ready. I’ve picked up a few more smaller projects lately, tinkering around with graphics effects, video capture and image recognition, and I still have a stack of books to read.

I’m trying to decide whether I should disclose some of the smaller projects I’m tinkering around with and release binaries / possibly source / other information about them, I don’t really see this stuff being very useful to many people, and it does take time to document, depending on what level of disclosure I go with – but I think it’s generally pretty neat stuff – jury’s still out on this one but if you have an opinion I’d like to hear it.