Hi! It’s been a while since my last post; I’ve decided that I should post more often even if I don’t have a lot to say, as sometime soon I will have more to talk about.

As usual, there have been a lot of projects in progress, but nothing I want to share publicly at this time. A few things have happened since last post though:

  • I entered and did horribly in LudumDare #15 (Caverns) (My horrible entry)
  • I’ve worked on some hardware projects¬†(Like this Optical Switch, which switches between optical audio inputs. Yes, I’m too cheap to get a receiver, but with this I don’t need one.)
  • I’ve built my XNA game engine up and it’s quite capable, I’m now in the process of actually putting together a game with it. (No screenshots publicly available yet. Maybe soon)
  • A pile of other small stuff; I’ve tinkered with driver development, played with some hardware ideas, thought about a lot of stuff I won’t be doing for months, learned some math,… you get the idea.

Some things coming up in the near future:

  • As I said, I’m working on an XNA game. I’m hoping to release it before too terribly long, so expect to see more about it soon.
  • I am working on designing a PCI card / general purpose hardware development platform – This took a back seat to the XNA game a month or two ago, so is only half done, but I’ll be posting about that when I get it further as well.
  • Revisiting the DS wifi is on my list for “after the current set of important projects,” But I’m going to make more of an effort to get to it this year.

Well, that’s how life is. I’ve got far too much to do but pretty happy with what I am doing. I wonder if¬† anyone is still paying attention to this blog :)

I’m still somewhat interested in teaching, and maybe I will still get to that arcane series on software rendering I was thinking of – Any other suggestions on things to write about?