I’ve decided that every weekend (starting next weekend) I’ll update this blog and detail one of my projects; I’ll either write up something that I’ve already completed, something that’s in progress, or something that I’m planning to do in the near future.

If nothing else it could be interesting to follow, ¬†and will serve as somewhat of a historical record of what I’ve been up to.

I’m a little worried at this point about running out of content, but I do have a bundle of little projects that I’ve completed in the recent past that I can write up, for the first several weeks. Hopefully I have something further by the time I’m done with those… :)

Most likely I won’t take the effort to provide project design files or documentation, but if there’s interest I can probably make that sort of thing available – These are mostly just hacky personal projects after all (though, at least a few of them have larger intended audiences).

(Small update: Apparently comments were broken, but they’ve been fixed now)