I’m making a concerted effort again to post more often, we’ll see how it goes this time…

First a few quick notes about a few other things I’m working on that will probably see posts in coming weeks:

  • I’m nearly done building a Kossel Mini 3D printer. Related, not too long ago I worked with a friend of mine on a simple board to monitor force-sensitive resistors for bed leveling calibration, see his writeup here.
  • Caught the bug to build a 2-wheeled balancing robot; I’ve seen too many of these again lately… Only this time I have an electronics platform that can be easily repurposed for this project.


So, exciting times! The Logic Analyzer boards came back from OSHPark all pretty in purple as usual. It’s been a while since I did any serious PCB assembly but I still seem to be pretty good at it :)

Logic Analyzer rev1 PCBs

Freshly Baked LogicAnalyzers

This weekend, among other things I’ll be getting started on blinking some LEDs and making sure these boards work the way they should. More on this (and the other reflowed project pictured) later!