Well, a few days I put in an order with The Electronic Goldmine for a few parts, specificly including 4 of their Giant Display Assortments (at a cost of $20 for the 4). Well, suffice it to say I now have enough LED Displays for the next several rounds of crazy projects :)
I got a whole boatload of LED displays, and a few character LCDs, some traditional LCDs (including one with REALLY bent legs!) some VFDs, and some other stuff. On a side note, some of the LCDS/VFDs are cracked, or appear to otherwise be in non-working condition, which is sad, but really all that can be expected from a grab bag like this.
There were also a huge amount of bent pins, but that’s also to be expected, and in most cases was very easy to correct with very little effort.
Anyway, at this point I’m not sure what to do with all of these, but I’m not likely to attempt to rival kevtris and his mega-clock… need more displays for that :)
I’ve included a picture of all the displays here, as I’m sure you’re all interested by now.
Lots of displays!