bored bored bored.
I’ve managed to see all the stuff I want to, and my feet hurt too much to just wander around aimlessly ;)
Still haven’t met many people, and didn’t take many pictures today; maybe tomorrow will be better in both of those regards.

anyway. still looking into why my images aren’t working how I think they should, I hope to get them working soon, or at least once I get home (saturday evening) – ya I know I’m late, I want to post the pictures anyway. Yesterday with the Wii was thrilling though, and I still can’t think of anything else.

Ok… there were a *few* interesting things I saw today ;)
The gametap booth had a *live* space ghost coast to coast interview, hehe – that was really entertaining, I’d imagine it’s somewhat downloadable somewhere if you want to see it.
Well, stay tuned, tomorrow I’ll update my blog with more info tomorrow.