That’s right, the new DS wifi lib has now been released! 0.3a is hot off the presses and better than ever!

Since the project is now on sourceforge, I’ve decided to let sourceforge handle the source and lib distribution for now – if you’d like the source, please refer to¬†The DSWifi library on Sourceforge.
I am however still making one package available to the public, this package contains the latest examples that I’ve put together (the wifi_lib_test, and a new version of the wifi_example1 project I released with 0.3)
That package is available here: (440k)

Now, it would take a really long time to list all of the improvements over 0.3 that exist in 0.3a, but I’ll summarize the main points:
* working, stable, faster TCP
* several major bugs fixed in other parts of the lib
* more correct berkley sockets emulation (though still not perfect)
* Shared key authentication support!
* due to the last entry, and other things, a much wider range of router compatibility!
There are a number of other small things that have been fixed, just enjoy the new release!

I’m still looking forward to all the crazy & fun stuff I’m sure so many of you will come up with, based on this powerful library

Have fun!