…to carry on the “sgstair” way.

No, I’m not planning on leaving or anything.
Just expanding my horizons by a few orders of magnitude. I have a lot of really big things planned, the creation of many libraries that will form the base of what will eventually become a full operating system (within a few years, hopefully)
I’m looking for a suitable trainee, someone to whom I can impart a good deal of useful knowledge and wisdom I’ve accumulated through my career to date, and who can help me in the development of these libraries and other projects, which collectively require extraordinary amounts of work.
The reason that I’m stating this here, is that I’m curious if anyone in my readership might want a position like this…
If you think you might, please read the following set of simple requirements I’ve put together:
You should have interests in programming, math and, less necessarily, electronics and science.
You must be interested in learning new things. (And if you think you know it all already, you’re very likely incorrect.)
You should be pretty good at remembering things that interest you.
You should have at least a rudimentary knowledge of how programming works, Knowing C or ASM is a plus.
You should like puzzles, and figuring out things.

That’s it, only one absolute requirement even! Note that I am not a slave driver, and If I do manage to acquire an apprentice, I don’t expect a huge time commitment, or anything like that (if you have more time all the better, but I only have a limited time myself)
So, there you have it. If you’re still interested, I’d expect you can figure out how to get in contact with me.

(Side note: I really don’t expect to get many, if any responses to this, but if I do, woohoo! that’s a lot of time that may have been spent looking on my own that I don’t have to worry about any more :)

(Side note 2: Just for those of you who worry about it, the library code and various projects I have planned will be licenced almost exclusively under the MIT source code licence. It’s likely not all of the libraries that will be created will be released to the public immediately, but some will, and which ones do are very much up for debate. Also, I’ve been working on plans for a private SVN server + public SVN site (web + anonymous svn download) + a bug tracker for this collection of libraries.  So, libs will be quite accessable to the public if they are released to the public. Anyway, just thought some of you might like to know that.)

(Side note 3: For now, if people contact me about this they’ll be put on a list, I’ll get around to talking to anyone who does indicate interest within about a week.)

(Side note 4: Since some of you seem to have misinterpreted what I’m saying about time requirements, I’m not requiring any amount of time; in fact early on it will probably be limited by the amount of time I have available. Granted if you’re interested it will eat up more time than you might expect, but I’m not making any solid requirements.)

(Side note 5: I’ve sent out a survey/test email to all who have expressed interest – thanks guys :) – it’s not too late to be considered, but I will probably make a final decision within a week, or possibly 2 weeks, depending on how things go.)

(Side note 6: I’m tentatively setting a deadline of the end of the day (23:59 GMT) on December 23, for applicants to return the survey/test email. You’re still welcome to apply before this time, but once you’re sent the email, you have the same deadline as everyone else. Exceptions are possible, but I don’t see why there would need to be any.)