So, the first round is basicly over… I’ve actually taken a few entries after I said it was closed, so there are 4 “finalists” now. It’s still not technically too late, though when I get the second round out, it will be too late.

Right now, I’m busy preparing the second round in what little spare time I have; When I do get it done, it’ll be a multi-page PDF file (probably 15 to 20 pages) covering a wide array of subjects. The deadline for submission will probably be about a month after I release it.  Anyone of course will be welcome to take the “exam”, and I’ll release the answers after all the finalists turn their solutions in.

I haven’t sent out the emails regarding how well people have done in the first round yet, it’s something I’ll get to before I release the second round, but I make no guarantees as to exactly when. Not that I’ve forgotten or anything :)

One more thing: I invite you to Nominate your favorite NDS/GBA homebrew for the 2006 NDS Homebrewcast homebrew awards (, which is being put on by an aspiring podcast called (unsurprisingly) the NDS Homebrewcast (

That’s all for today, I’ll post more updates when things happen, of course.