And, my life continues to be uninteresting to the casual observer. Ah well, price I pay for not talking about things. I’m in the process of rescheduling the current tasks and deciding how much I want to make public – In a few days I’ll post some more information about when things should be done, pending the power not going out again ;)

(Not that I entirely blame the power outage; but it really didn’t help and threw a lot of things off schedule, that I now have to figure out how to rearrange.)

Also: happy new year! it’s 2008 now, which is a generally uninteresting number (factors to 2*2*2*251; is 11111011000 in binary, 7D8 hex, 3730 octal, I’m sure there are some interesting series it’s in though) I do hope this coming year is sufficiently interesting; and I expect to get a lot done.