August 2006

Uncategorized03 Aug 2006 02:13 pm

Well, something like that.
Anyway, for those of you who are madly addicted to the game, there’s something you really should try:
At the moment, a friend of mine (StoneCypher) is recruiting beta-testers for a commercial PC sudoku game he’s nearly done with. If you can’t get enough of the puzzles, it looks to be a very sweet deal, and he has enough puzzles (and types of puzzles) to make you dizzy :)
So, if you’re interested, please read his blog post about it, and sign up if you like

This has been a public service announcement, We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

DS Wifi03 Aug 2006 12:36 pm

I’ve decided instead of doing the 802.11 rewrite now, I’ll make another release version before I start on the version that will become 0.5.
A few things are prompting me to do this, primarily because I’m engaged in figuring out how to use nintendo’s usb stick, and can have that functionality as well as the “finding hidden APs” in the near future rather than making everyone wait a lot longer. Also (thanks to¬†BigRedPimp) I should be able to deliver compatibility for the AOSS access point records stored in the ds’s firmware.
So, just to let you all know I’m not scrapping my entire 802.11 stack and starting from scratch *just yet* ;)