January 2008

Uncategorized24 Jan 2008 06:51 am

I’ve completed the vorbis decoder I set out to work on, mainly because I haven’t been able to think about much of anything else; It’s nothing fancy and it makes use of naive implementations of just about everything, my goal was just to make it work – which it does now… This makes me very happy because this is the first perceptual codec I’ve written completely from scratch; hopefully it is just the start of things to come :)

So, now I’m reevaluating the priority of everything agan, and will continue on the things that need to be done… Will post more soon.

Uncategorized16 Jan 2008 05:06 am

Ok, so I haven’t really completed anything, but I did want to point those of you who are interested at a new wiki page in which I’ve clarified a lot of my goals and expected methodology for the “revolution” project collection that I’m working on getting started with (Wiki page for Project Revolution collection [wiki.akkit.org]).
If you want to be involved in this set of projects, of which the TCP/IP project is the first, please let me know, by any means of contact you prefer.
I’m hoping to kick off the TCP/IP project by the end of the month. It’s not essential that all developers are involved at that point, but it would help.

In other news, the number of projects I’ve been tinkering with lately is rather large. Some of them I’ll tell you about, some not – one thing I’m working on actively is an ogg/vorbis decoder.. I’m just writing a rough version for pc at the moment to verify my understanding, but I’d like to port it to DS. I’m working on an unnamed XNA game, that you might know about if you hang around where I do on IRC, but I’m not actively showing off. Some projects that I’m not working on that I should be are…. the optimization contest site, the nds test apps, and the logic analyzer code… Well, I will scrape my time together and allocate it where I see fit. I hope next post I can actually announce the completion of something or other :)

Uncategorized10 Jan 2008 04:29 am

I’ve been working on a number of different projects lately, unfortunately none of them public yet.. And some new interesting directions are opening up to me, which is forcing me to rethink a few things.

In the meantime though I’ve put together a photo album of some pictures I took while the power was out here, I hope you find it interesting :) Ice Storm / Power Outage photo album (picasaweb)

Of course I know you’re just waiting for news on dstunnel, or some other project; Probably we’ll get some actual progress this month, whether it be sooner or later I’m not sure of yet.

Uncategorized01 Jan 2008 05:12 am

And, my life continues to be uninteresting to the casual observer. Ah well, price I pay for not talking about things. I’m in the process of rescheduling the current tasks and deciding how much I want to make public – In a few days I’ll post some more information about when things should be done, pending the power not going out again ;)

(Not that I entirely blame the power outage; but it really didn’t help and threw a lot of things off schedule, that I now have to figure out how to rearrange.)

Also: happy new year! it’s 2008 now, which is a generally uninteresting number (factors to 2*2*2*251; is 11111011000 in binary, 7D8 hex, 3730 octal, I’m sure there are some interesting series it’s in though) I do hope this coming year is sufficiently interesting; and I expect to get a lot done.