April 2006

DStunnel28 Apr 2006 01:44 am

Alright, about DSTunnel – I’m promoting it to active status in my checklist. In reality I probably won’t be able to touch it until after E3.

The last attempt at dstunnel was a partial success but never actually managed to successfully tunnel any games (contrary to [prior] popular belief). It did however do a lot of things right, and brought much hope to the testing team.
However, there are some serious bugs in the current version and some protocol oversights that have caused a lot of problems; to remedy all this, the dstunnel system will be completely rewritten.

I’ll be posting here in my blog when I get the time to start the rewrite, and will update the checklist with a breakdown of tasks; so bear with me here, I’ve got way too much other stuff to do in the interim.

DS Wifi24 Apr 2006 03:08 pm

Yup, that’s right.
Version 0.3 is out at last!
A huge number of improvements and features have been added since the last version, making this finally a library you can *do something* with.
An abbreviated list of improvements goes like this: WEP, DHCP, TCP, ICMP, DNS, WFC data, but all those are just the major points, there’s a lot of work that’s been done under the surface and the internals will run much more smoothly too.

Anyway, please read the readme included for vital information about naming conventions and installation… and Here are the links!
dswifi_lib_v0.3_lib.zip (181k) – Minimal package includes debug and release libraries and include files
dswifi_lib_v0.3_source.zip (188k) – Full Library source release, does not include any examples
dswifi_lib_v0.3_examples.zip (243k) – Examples release, does not include library – includes wifi_lib_test and a minimal demonstration example

I wish you all much luck and look forward to seeing what comes of this!

DS Wifi22 Apr 2006 10:20 pm

Well, I’ve been adding things to the lib left and right today, check out The working version (wifi_lib_test_.nds) [and of course the wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba version for whoever needs it]

Presently additions as of the time of this post include DHCP support (yay!) and the ability to connect from the WFC information in the firmware. I’m not done yet; just taking a break for the present time, so more will be done soon (see [this page on the wiki] for an up-to-date breakdown of what I’m working on.)

I might also add that some of the inner workings of the lib have been *greatly* improved since the last time I’ve talked about it, so overall the lib should be faster and easier to use :)

Ok, time to get back to work…

[Update, some 3 hours later: Eh, I'm not going to be completely done tonight; spent some time mucking around with DHCP on a crazy AP. Tomorrow though - it's close enough]

Uncategorized05 Apr 2006 05:37 pm

Ok, I’m proud to now publicly unveil My Wiki

This wiki has been put into place to make it easier for me to create and maintain documentation on a number of subjects that I have worked on in the past and will work on in the future. This wiki is a little different than normal, only a select few will be allowed to edit main pages but anyone is free to modify the discussion pages and provide feedback :)

As of right now there is very little on the wiki, but it’s going to expand very rapidly soon, as I transcribe my current documentation into it.

(And for those of you waiting for the ds wifi lib, it is still coming, but it’s not ready yet.)