Hey, it’s been a while. I’ve taken a few minutes (well an hour or two) to upgrade wordpress and check/tweak my site’s links – I’d like to use this blog more often

Since I’ve gone through all that effort, I should probably write something…

I’ve been involved in a lot lately,

  • Work – Eats a lot of my time – I really like what I do. I actually have an office job now, never would have imagined that :)
  • Personal projects – Still doing stuff all over the place. I may link these from time to time but mostly keep them to myself
  • XNA games – Have a big  project or two in progress. Also not saying much about this, but I may link something from time to time…

Also, I have a lot of plans for the future,

  • DS Wifi project – Reverse engineering the hardware again, more thoroughly – Completely rewriting the 802.11 and TCP/IP stacks. Not going to start for a few months at least, and it will probably take a few more months when I do get started.
  • Some hardware ideas have been brewing, but I won’t say much about these…
  • Some emulation ideas have been brewing, but I won’t say much about these…
  • There are always far more ideas than I can imagine having time for.

I’ve decided I will post interesting milestones of large projects or interesting completed small projects here when I have spare time to do so- It shouldn’t be hard to keep this blog more active than it has been :)

I’m also currently playing with Twitter, so some additional information about what I’m doing is available there – http://twitter.com/sgstair/

One other thing: I’m toying with the idea of writing an article every week or two, but I haven’t decided what exactly to write about yet. If you have ideas I’d appreciate if you tell me, in the comments or otherwise. Currently I’m considering writing a series of articles on building a software rendering 3D engine from scratch.

Well, that’s all  for now. Maybe I’ll manage to post here more often :)