August 2010

Electronics22 Aug 2010 01:46 pm

I haven’t done anything worth mentioning, so here’s a picture of some PCBs! :)

Front and Back of USB Jtag PCB

This is the USB Jtag PCB I previously mentioned, and I had it produced in a group PCB order managed by Laen – They turned out nice and came back pretty quickly, I’ll definitely be sending him more PCBs

As I was on vacation though, I just recently ordered the parts to complete these boards, and haven’t got them yet. I’ve also been thinking about priorities and am working more heavily on some projects which I won’t blog about :)

Things are still developing though, keep watching and I should have more to talk about in 2 weeks.

Uncategorized10 Aug 2010 06:32 pm

Ah right, I was planning to post last weekend;

I haven’t actually done anything too interesting though :) just messing around with some stuff while I’m away on vacation; Mostly doing less than usual though – that’s ok every now and then.