I am really bad at keeping to a schedule with this blog :)

It was going so well, with the 3D Printer posts, all good posts and not too far apart, and then… nothing.

I did continue to work on the 3D printer a bit past that, and will resume those posts again, probably once I have everything working – it’s still waiting for some software development which I have been stalling on / doing other things.

So, what has been taking my time? Let’s see…


Reflowed: nRF_stick, chopper1, nRF_sensor1

First I messed around with some Nordic RF chip stuff (I’ve built some infrastructure, but these projects¬†are still ongoing)



I built some PCBs for an RGB POV spinning top, which still hasn’t been fully assembled or programmed…


Reflowed: psplcd

I designed a board to control the PSP LCD, and finished its software (it works!) – I normally do everything but a friend of mine did the PCB layout on this board.


GBCart: Nintendo logo

And most recently I’ve been working on a gameboy cartridge. Not much to say about this one yet, but will be fun when there is :)


And of course a few other things along the way; my Flickr Stream has more, and is usually the first place new stuff shows up.

Feel free to ping me with any questions or comments! I’ll try to post a bit more regularly.