December 2007

Uncategorized23 Dec 2007 04:11 am

I’m out of town, away from home for a week and a half; spending some time with family.
I have some plans to get things done, but don’t actually expect to get anything done :) Will pull things back together and (try to) put together a schedule once I get back… I would like to get the optimization contest going sooner than later, though, so that’s my first priority. After that, I have some crazy ds ideas I want to play with. But my priorities might shift by then, we’ll see. In the meantime I’m trying to enjoy myself and be lazy over the holidays, I might be around before, but will be back for sure in january.

Uncategorized14 Dec 2007 12:11 pm

Well, coming in on the “exciting” side of the news this week, is due to an ice storm, my residence’s power has been out since monday evening this week (presently I’ve been 85 hours without power at home)
Needless to say this isn’t really good for productivity, and I’ve got almost nothing done… I’ll be updating this post when I do finally get power back, with the duration that it was out for.

Update! Power is back, after 6.4 days without power (roughly 154 hours)

DS Development&Optimization04 Dec 2007 01:33 am

Ok, so the optimization contest thing didn’t make it this last weekend :( sorry about that, I’m overly optimistic and didn’t have time to work on it enough to get it ready.

Now, I’ll take a few moments to relate some of the things that are going on in my life at the moment; as you might have noticed my online presence has been rather very thin, and my projects have been crawling along, if that – and this isn’t just for the projects that are public, even the private ones are not moving much… The culprit I’ve decided is stress, it’s the only logical cause I can come up with.

To that end, I’ve decided to quit my current job – I’ll be working for the next 2 weeks and then I’ve arranged to quit. At that point I’ll probably get some rest for a week or 2, I’m planning to visit some relatives and then I’ll devote some time to getting my currently idling projects done.

I hope I can get the optimisation contest site running in the next week or 2. January though will bring work on the nds_test_apps, probably dstunnel (due to popular demand), and some other things I haven’t figured out the order of yet. So, onwards! We will see what the future brings.