September 2010

Uncategorized19 Sep 2010 04:27 pm

I’m still off doing a number of other random things, and haven’t done anything interesting enough to post about it yet.

  • Limited progress on the PCI Express firmware… Should get back to that. Have learned a lot about high speed serial, and a lot of related fields.
  • I have obtained some cheap wired 3d shutter glasses and a 120Hz projector… this may be interesting.
  • Also been reading books, this one has been really interesting.
  • And, dealing with some failing hardware :\ one of my RAID cards died recently.
  • Been dabbling in high speed video, but nothing interesting here yet…
  • Have a few PCB projects staring at me waiting for me to complete them :)
  • …And a growing collection of other projects doing the same.

Well, maybe next time I’ll have more to say, wish me luck.

Uncategorized05 Sep 2010 02:21 pm

Disappointment! I’m deep in work and not writing up anything yet again…

Come to think of it, I have completed the firmware for my little PCI card, which is now actually a useful port 80h monitor, but that’s just an incremental update to its previous firmware.

This weekend I’m working on trying to build PCI Express firmware for a FPGA card; This is a lot of new stuff to me and I’m not sure I’ll make it this weekend, but it should be fun!

Below is a picture of the system I’ve set up to test with:

PCI Express development setup