October 2010

PCB Layout&Projects31 Oct 2010 09:09 pm

Hi again,

More projects are incoming – but I have got a few things partway done, here’s one of them:

This circuit board is  a very basic tool that I’m going to use to monitor the SMBUS data in a computer; I have some things I’d like to find in it, but I’m also curious as to what all traffic exists on this bus. I’ve already sent this board to be produced, so should have some results from it in the near future :)

I’ve also been doing some work on PC booting; I’ve written a boot sector that does some stupid stuff; still exploring this space, and I’ll talk more about it later.

Uncategorized19 Oct 2010 09:46 am

Still nothing to speak of, but a few things are in the pipeline for next time :)

Uncategorized03 Oct 2010 01:56 pm

Still nothing major to report on.

Several of my projects are still making progress, though incremental at best; I may just need to rethink the set of things I’m working on in order to move more quickly again. Or just somehow become less lazy ;)

Well, I’ll say more later.