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Electronics&Hardware Hacking&Reference Material11 Jul 2010 12:10 am

So, many of you use JTAG?

I’ve been using JTAG for many years now, which started with FPGAs, and has mostly been for CPLDs and FPGAs since- but it’s also a pretty widely used protocol for programming and debugging mid range microcontrollers all the way up to high end CPUs. I’ve always wanted to look into how JTAG worked in more depth, but never really had the time.

Now, I do have some time (and some projects which depend on JTAG hacking) – so this post will go into the world of JTAG. (more…)

Electronics&Hardware Hacking&Uncategorized04 Jul 2010 12:00 am

Remember the PCI card from a few weeks ago?

Not too long after that, I did send out an order to manufacture some boards – and this last week they finally arrived! I’ve assembled a few, tested them, run into a few problems, solved them, and finally got a pretty basic PCI Port-80h debug card working.

In this post I’ll walk through these things, and talk some more about the PCI interface.


Electronics&Hardware Hacking&Projects30 May 2010 12:00 am

3 blog posts already, amazing – though very shortly I may have to start talking about far less interesting projects, or post less frequently. This is starting to take quite a bit of time, and I’m running out of interesting things I’ve been doing. :)
So, recently I’ve started looking into ASIC design – it’s will still be quite a long time before I can practically start thinking about trying to design my own chip, however, in the meantime some chip reverse engineering has attracted my attention.
Now, I mostly operate from a home-lab environment, and it’s not really safe to involve things like… high concentrations of Nitric acid. But, having recently acquired a decent cheap USB microscope (the Veho VMS004DELUXE USB Powered Microscope), I decided to give chip disassembly a shot for the amusement value. Given my lack of professional tools this has little potential to be really educational, but it was pretty interesting. This is a pretty picture-heavy post, ┬áif that wasn’t clear enough already… (more…)