March 2006

Uncategorized26 Mar 2006 01:07 am

Yeah, I know, I’ve promised a new wifi lib soon and it hasn’t materialized yet….
FYI, progress is being made (often on a daily basis) but I’ve promised other things lately too, so my time is being quite thoroughly eaten.
Here’s hoping for a release soon though :)

*hides from the internets*

DS Wifi21 Mar 2006 03:04 pm

Hi, I’ve not forgotten about the ds wifi lib, I’ve just been busy with other things, and working on the features for the next version of the lib. Next preview release should have a number of small fixes and speedups, and will also have a complete TCP implementation as well as possibly DHCP.

DS Wifi15 Mar 2006 07:08 am

Hello again, the test app has been updated to allow outoging TCP connections to be made! There are still a few bugs and things not 100% implemented at the moment, but you can connect to servers and download webpages! Still some work to be done but very exciting :)

The lib test is in the usual place at wifi_lib_test_.nds and wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba

I’m also updating the thread.

And for all of you sissies out there who don’t know how to make a valid HTTP request, connect to a site and type the following in (sans quotes):
“GET / HTTP/1.0″ followed by tapping CR and CR

:) enjoy

DS Wifi14 Mar 2006 04:24 pm

Well, I posted this info on the 1emulation forum, but I guess it didn’t make it here yet. I was holding out for a TCP release but I still haven’t finished that. The news is that DNS is now working and the test app has been updated to reflect that [Test app: wifi_lib_test_.nds and wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba]

Anyway, I’ve completed the test app code for TCP connection testing, and have been working on debugging TCP (so far not so good, I’ve managed to send syn packets to port 0 of the google servers; they weren’t kind enough to reply) – I’ve got “real” work taking a lot of my time at the moment, but I’m still trying to squeeze in time to work on this when I have a chance.

Uncategorized14 Mar 2006 12:47 am

Anyone want to be linked on my page? I’ve got a few places in mind to add, but if you’d like to be linked here and aren’t presently, please let me know in a comment :)

The fine print: posting your link here doesn’t guarantee that I’ll add it (Muahaha), and doesn’t guarantee that other people won’t add it (well, I guess this is obvious) – that said I probably will add most/all of the links posted.

Electronics13 Mar 2006 12:44 pm

Well, a few days I put in an order with The Electronic Goldmine for a few parts, specificly including 4 of their Giant Display Assortments (at a cost of $20 for the 4). Well, suffice it to say I now have enough LED Displays for the next several rounds of crazy projects :)
I got a whole boatload of LED displays, and a few character LCDs, some traditional LCDs (including one with REALLY bent legs!) some VFDs, and some other stuff. On a side note, some of the LCDS/VFDs are cracked, or appear to otherwise be in non-working condition, which is sad, but really all that can be expected from a grab bag like this.
There were also a huge amount of bent pins, but that’s also to be expected, and in most cases was very easy to correct with very little effort.
Anyway, at this point I’m not sure what to do with all of these, but I’m not likely to attempt to rival kevtris and his mega-clock… need more displays for that :)
I’ve included a picture of all the displays here, as I’m sure you’re all interested by now.
Lots of displays!

DS Wifi12 Mar 2006 09:04 pm

Hi, I’m mainly just trying out wordpress, if I like it well enough I might update here more often.
Anyway, the news:
As you probably already know, UDP is working nicely at present, however now the DNS and TCP implementations are also complete (though there are a few bugs I’m trying to work out at this point) – I’m going to attempt to get a new test app out later tonight once those bugs are fixed, and then work on DHCP.
This blog is still quite preliminary, I’ve still got a lot of work to do in actually coming up with a proper look for it, but it might quell the ravenous RSS addicts.