June 2006

DS Wifi28 Jun 2006 07:15 pm

Sorry guys, but I didn’t get around to writing the improvements I alluded to and completing a new lib last weekend – I realize we’re now near the end of the wifi game coding compo, and I don’t really have time still to get out a new version in time. Rather than stress everyone and release a new lib at the last minute, I’ve decided to attempt the release again this weekend (saturday) and in the meantime I encourage anyone entering in the ndshb wifi game compo to get the latest version from CVS and compile it (latest version as of well, last week) for use in your entry rather than using the last actual library release. If for whatever reason you can’t compile the lib, I may be able to help you out and provide an actual compiled lib of the latest CVS source.
Anyway, I’m just far too bogged down with work at the moment, but I’m looking forward with great interest to the results of the upcoming competition – again, good luck all :)

DS Wifi21 Jun 2006 04:31 pm

Again, a very small CVS update, addressing a few issues brought to my attention by people bugging me :)
This CVS update contains:
* DHCP fix! Now the intermittent failing of DHCP and the days of getting an IP of should be over.
* FIONREAD support (As requested)
* connect() now operates in blocking mode! If you enable non-blocking mode before calling connect, it will still return immediately indicating success, but several people have asked for blocking mode (and I’ve been planning to add it anyway, just to be more “correct”)

That’s all the feature updates at the moment, and I must apologize because they’re not very well tested at this point, but they should work. (I just don’t have the time to test today… at all)
If for some reason they don’t work, please let me know, of course.
Additionally, this is already known to some of you, but I have plans to add many new features and release a new precompiled library on friday or saturday this week – among the features planned to be added are:
select() support,shared key authentication, support for ”hidden” APs (by way of probe requests), lingering TCP connections on close (so they shut down properly), and a few other large and small items. If you have requests, please post them :)
Anyway, need to get back to work…..

DS Wifi15 Jun 2006 06:21 am

Again, no *really* major changes, but I thought I’d let you people know there has been a MAJOR TCP bug fixed, and as a result, connections are apparently rock solid stable :)
Many thanks go to DragonMinded for his persistence in making me track down the bugs, hehe. (and let me just say, some of the features coming up in DSOrganize will blow you away :)

Anyway, keep watching for more updates when I get some real features put in and not just bugfixes, and be sure to let me know if you find any bugs!

Uncategorized15 Jun 2006 01:51 am

Well, it seems to be the case that a plugin that had been recommended to me (Bad Behavior) seems to have been blocking some legitimate traffic to the site. I only had it installed to cut down on spam, and now I have a new system that does a much better job of that; so… I’ve disabled it.
If any of you were having trouble with rss feeds or the like, this should be fixed now :\
Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused (not sorry to the spammers though :P)

DS Wifi14 Jun 2006 01:22 am

…is on cvs, this should fix the inet_addr / gethostbyname ip address resolution crash bug.
There’s also a TCP update, and it appears that some problems have been resolved (though probably not all)

Sorry about the lack of updates, I’ve been quite busy with other things.
As of present there are a lot of things half-done, so when I get some time I’ll add more.

Uncategorized12 Jun 2006 10:15 am

.:11·13·35:. «+JaJa_» if you can cram 4Tbyte of RAM into stick form i'll be amazed
.:11·13·44:. «+parrot_» That'd be amazing!
.:11·13·50:. «@sgstair» JaJa_; shall I clip that, so we can laugh at it in 5 years? :)
.:11·13·59:. «+JaJa_» sure

… I guess we’ll see :)