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DS Wifi31 May 2006 02:52 am

There have been some pretty significant updates to the dswifi lib in CVS – TCP is now a lot more stable, and some other things have been addressed (As always, see the Checklist [wiki.akkit.org])
Of course please let me know if you do manage to find any bugs or it doesn’t work how you think it should.

I’m also still debating whether to spend some time converting the junky videos I took of the Wii action and post them… to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, the footage is 640×480, 15fps without sound – the footage is a bit shaky but some is better than others, I’ll clean it up to the best of my ability if I convert it.
More importantly I’d like to know if you people (whoever reads this blog, if anyone :P) would like to see this footage, given that there are of course lots of nicer sources out there – there is at least one video I’d like to show everyone though, so I will at least convert and post the one.

Update: ok, the source video is actually 320×240 (bleh)
Anyway, I’ve uploaded 2 samples of the crazy shaky videos I had the pleasure of taking
Hopefully you will enjoy what little footage I can post here :)

Wii – ExciteTruck (bad video)
Wii Sports – Baseball (bad video)
(note, these videos are encoded with the xvid codec, if you can’t play this format let me know and I can probably post another set in a different codec)

DS Wifi21 May 2006 08:20 pm

Work is progressing on the dswifi library, you can see the progress as it is being made here, on my SgstairChecklist wiki page.
It’s not ready for a full release at the moment, but there’s even better news:
Now, thanks to some help from WntrMute, I’ve reorganized the dswifi library to make building easier and have added it as a module to the devkitpro sourceforge CVS server (see file listing here).

Keep in mind that this certainly isn’t the best option for everyone, but for those of you who are sufficiently capable this will put you at the cutting edge of dswifi library development, which can only be a good thing with the ndshb.com DS wifi game coding competition coming to close in about a month and a half. Having the latest wifi codebase could give your app the edge it so desperately needs! :P

In all seriousness though… Feel free to download and compile the libraries, it’s an utterly painless process if you can get CVS to cooperate, the new build system dumps 4 output files (libdswifi7.a, libdswifi9.a, libdswifi7d.a, and libdswifi9.a – arm7 and arm9 release and debug versions respectively) into [root]/lib, and the include files you need are in [root]/include. [NOTE! the old lib used "libdswifi7r.a" and "libdswifi9r.a" for the release versions - the 'r' has been dropped for the new version.]

If you find bugs…. let me qualify: if you find bugs that are not explicitly listed in my checklist, please feel free to bug me about them. Please do try very hard to explicitly define the bug though, generally “recv doesn’t work” isn’t nearly as helpful as “I noticed that recv fails in xxxx circumstance and tried a bundle of other things but it worked ok for them” – in other words just don’t be extraordinarily vague.

If there are known bugs that are hindering your progress, you may also bug me about them, I’ve got a rough set of priorities in my mind about what order to tackle the bugs in but if you have something you need to have working correctly, I can usually adapt my workflow to fix it more quickly.

As always, bug me via email, leave a comment here or on the wiki, or stop by on the IRC channel – #dswifi on EFnet
Have fun, and good luck with your (hopefully wifi related :P) projects.

DS Wifi03 May 2006 09:09 am

This came up in #dswifi, so I feel obligated to now post it somewhere more public so people have a good feedback path.

At present, the list of known issues for the dswifi library is In my checklist on the wiki [wiki.akkit.org]

If you find a bug that’s not on the known issues list, or want to request a feature that isn’t on the list, please do report it! I don’t really mind you reporting issues that already are listed, but it is a bit counterproductive. About reporting issues, you can bug me on IRC, send an email, or alternately Add it to the talk page for my checklist on the wiki [wiki.akkit.org] – I’m partial to the wiki option cause wikis are cool (and mine doubly so :P)
Anyway, don’t feel like you lack the ability to strike back about features missing or being incorrectly implemented, do bug me about it :)

DS Wifi24 Apr 2006 03:08 pm

Yup, that’s right.
Version 0.3 is out at last!
A huge number of improvements and features have been added since the last version, making this finally a library you can *do something* with.
An abbreviated list of improvements goes like this: WEP, DHCP, TCP, ICMP, DNS, WFC data, but all those are just the major points, there’s a lot of work that’s been done under the surface and the internals will run much more smoothly too.

Anyway, please read the readme included for vital information about naming conventions and installation… and Here are the links!
dswifi_lib_v0.3_lib.zip (181k) – Minimal package includes debug and release libraries and include files
dswifi_lib_v0.3_source.zip (188k) – Full Library source release, does not include any examples
dswifi_lib_v0.3_examples.zip (243k) – Examples release, does not include library – includes wifi_lib_test and a minimal demonstration example

I wish you all much luck and look forward to seeing what comes of this!

DS Wifi22 Apr 2006 10:20 pm

Well, I’ve been adding things to the lib left and right today, check out The working version (wifi_lib_test_.nds) [and of course the wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba version for whoever needs it]

Presently additions as of the time of this post include DHCP support (yay!) and the ability to connect from the WFC information in the firmware. I’m not done yet; just taking a break for the present time, so more will be done soon (see [this page on the wiki] for an up-to-date breakdown of what I’m working on.)

I might also add that some of the inner workings of the lib have been *greatly* improved since the last time I’ve talked about it, so overall the lib should be faster and easier to use :)

Ok, time to get back to work…

[Update, some 3 hours later: Eh, I'm not going to be completely done tonight; spent some time mucking around with DHCP on a crazy AP. Tomorrow though - it's close enough]

DS Wifi21 Mar 2006 03:04 pm

Hi, I’ve not forgotten about the ds wifi lib, I’ve just been busy with other things, and working on the features for the next version of the lib. Next preview release should have a number of small fixes and speedups, and will also have a complete TCP implementation as well as possibly DHCP.

DS Wifi15 Mar 2006 07:08 am

Hello again, the test app has been updated to allow outoging TCP connections to be made! There are still a few bugs and things not 100% implemented at the moment, but you can connect to servers and download webpages! Still some work to be done but very exciting :)

The lib test is in the usual place at wifi_lib_test_.nds and wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba

I’m also updating the 1emulation.com thread.

And for all of you sissies out there who don’t know how to make a valid HTTP request, connect to a site and type the following in (sans quotes):
“GET / HTTP/1.0″ followed by tapping CR and CR

:) enjoy

DS Wifi14 Mar 2006 04:24 pm

Well, I posted this info on the 1emulation forum, but I guess it didn’t make it here yet. I was holding out for a TCP release but I still haven’t finished that. The news is that DNS is now working and the test app has been updated to reflect that [Test app: wifi_lib_test_.nds and wifi_lib_test_.ds.gba]

Anyway, I’ve completed the test app code for TCP connection testing, and have been working on debugging TCP (so far not so good, I’ve managed to send syn packets to port 0 of the google servers; they weren’t kind enough to reply) – I’ve got “real” work taking a lot of my time at the moment, but I’m still trying to squeeze in time to work on this when I have a chance.

DS Wifi12 Mar 2006 09:04 pm

Hi, I’m mainly just trying out wordpress, if I like it well enough I might update here more often.
Anyway, the news:
As you probably already know, UDP is working nicely at present, however now the DNS and TCP implementations are also complete (though there are a few bugs I’m trying to work out at this point) – I’m going to attempt to get a new test app out later tonight once those bugs are fixed, and then work on DHCP.
This blog is still quite preliminary, I’ve still got a lot of work to do in actually coming up with a proper look for it, but it might quell the ravenous RSS addicts.

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